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Where to Park in Venice: The 10 Free (and Not So Free) Car Parks Near the Centre

Are you planning to visit the world’s most famous floating city and wondering how to get to Venice by car? Or do you want to leave your vehicle in Venice but don’t know whether to park in the centre or slightly outside?

You have come to the right place. In this article I will tell you about the best car parks in Venice.

You’ll find out where to park in Venice for free and for a fee, how much it costs to park your car in La Serenissima and how to save money.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Venice shines globally thanks to its extraordinary cultural heritage and unique urban layout. The entire city stands on 118 islands interconnected by fascinating canals. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that there is an absolute ban on vehicular traffic, with few parking options available.Nevertheless, if you have brought a car with you or rented one locally, owning a vehicle will prove intriguing for exploring Veneto and other Italian regions. In this article, I will examine suitable solutions for locating parking spaces in and around Venice.

How to get to Venice by car?

Venice is a car-free city, which means that driving within the historic centre is not allowed. However, it is possible to get to the outskirts of the city by car.

Once you have reached the gates of Venice by car, you will need to park your car in one of the designated facilities outside the historic core. From there, you can explore the city on foot or by using water transport (such as gondolas or the famous vaporetti).But where do you suggest I leave my car in Venice?

Where should I park in Venice?

The boundary beyond which road vehicles, including buses and taxis, cannot proceed in Venice is identified as Piazzale Roma. This area is a short walk from the railway station and terminal and is where the closest parking spaces to tourist attractions are located.

The municipal garage is the largest car park in Piazzale Roma, boasting over 2000 parking spaces and 300 spaces for motorbikes, spread over six floors. Prices in this option are slightly lower than in privately managed car parks. Despite its large capacity, the municipal garage tends to fill up quickly due to its popularity.

If you plan to park in garages located just outside the centre of Venice, I strongly recommend reserving your parking space in advance, before your departure. This turns out to be almost essential during high season periods, such as during the summer months and the most celebrated festivities, such as Carnival, New Year’s Eve and the Redentore festival.

However, booking in advance is also highly recommended at other times of the year. Despite the relatively high costs, parking spaces in Piazzale Roma and on Tronchetto Island often reach maximum capacity.

Booking online not only gives you the opportunity to save some money (which, considering the rates, is not bad at all), but more importantly ensures that you will find a space available once you arrive.

ParkingDistance from Venicee centreDaily rateBook online
Garage San Marco0 m45€BOOK
Autorimessa Comunale0 m30€BOOK
Venezia Center Parking Garage700 m28€BOOK
Venezia Tronchetto1.7 km25€BOOK
Parcheggio SABA Mestre8.9 km15€BOOK
Autorimessa Delfino Mestre9.1 km10€BOOK
Parcheggio Garage Europa9.1 km20€BOOK
Parcheggio MarcoPolo14.1 km-€BOOK
San Marco Aeroporto Venezia14.2 km-€BOOK
Park 2000 Pili (Marghera)5.9 km5€BOOK
Parcheggio Fusina18.7 km15€BOOK
Marive Transport San Giuliano8.5 km7€BOOK

Venice city centre car parks

If you want to park closer to the historic centre of Venice, on the other side of the Ponte della Libertà, you will have to go to Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto.

Let’s see the two parking options together.

Parking Venice Piazzale Roma

This large square, just beyond the bridge, is the closest point to the historic centre where you can access by car.

However, keep in mind that this area is very touristy throughout the year, so it is advisable to book parking online in advance. From Piazzale Roma, you will have access to various means of transport that will allow you to visit the city and the surrounding islands in the Venice lagoon.

Parking in this part of the city is usually more expensive, but if your budget allows, you will save precious time by parking so close to the centre.

Two parking options to consider:

Parking Venice Tronchetto

The closest alternative to Piazzale Roma is Parking Venezia Tronchetto.

It has a car park with almost 4,000 spaces, located near the Tronchetto station. This car park cannot be reserved, but given its size, you should be able to find a spot. The costs are 3€ per hour for the first two hours, then 4€ for the next two hours.

From Venice Tronchetto you can reach St Mark’s Square with the ACTV vaporetto lines that leave from Piazzale Roma, which can be reached by People Mover, or you can take line 2 – Tronchetto Mercato stop – to Piazzale Roma.

  • Venice Center Parking Garage: Open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., the Parking Garage (formerly Isolanova Parking) is one of the closest parking lots to the entrance of Venice.
  • Parking Venezia Tronchetto: Open 24 hours a day, it is located near the Tronchetto station. The cost is approximately €25 for 24-hour parking.

Car parks outside the centre of Venice

Parking Venice Mestre

If you decide to park in Venezia Mestre, you can easily access the historic centre of Venice across the bridge using public transport. In this area, you will find several pay car parks with cheaper rates than those on the main island.

These car parks in Mestre offer quick access to the Venezia Mestre station, which is located in this part of the city. The station is only a few minutes’ walk away and from there you can cross the bridge into historic Venice, either by bus or train.

One of the most interesting car parks in Mestre is the SABA Venezia Mestre Station car park, located right next to the station. From here you can take the train to Venezia Santa Lucia station or the line 2 bus, which crosses the Ponte della Libertà to Piazzale Roma.

By booking your place online, you will get cheaper rates for one or more days parking in Mestre. The cost will be around €15 for 24 hours (which will decrease if you stay longer). This is an excellent choice if you want to estimate, day by day, how many days you will visit Venice.

Parking options in Mestre:

  • Parking SABA Venezia Mestre: Open 24 hours a day, charges around €37 for two days parking.
  • Parking Delfino Autorimessa: Located a 10-minute walk from the station, with access by bus that passes every 10 minutes. The cost is approximately €40 for two days parking.
  • Parking Garage Europa: Supervised 24 hours a day, this car park is a 15-minute walk from the station and costs approximately €34 for two days parking.

Parking Marco Polo Venice

Another option is Venice Airport, which is easily accessible by car and does not require driving through the city. These car parks are conveniently connected to shuttle buses to Piazzale Roma.

Keep in mind that airport car parks can be expensive for short stays, but become more convenient if you plan to spend several days in Venice. For example, the P6 car park at the airport allows parking for a week for around €100.

For comparison, consider the following options:

Both the car parks at Marco Polo Airport and those in Mestre will offer you easy access to Venice by bus or water taxi (Vaporetto). Using the Vaporetto (ACTV) season ticket will allow you to move freely between the airport and the city, adding a touch of charm to the Venetian experience.

Other car parks

There are three other parking options located slightly outside Venice and with a cheaper price.

Parking Pili Marghera Venice

From this car park, located just before the long Ponte della Libertà, (which connects the city to the mainland), in Via Righi, you can reach the historic centre in 5 minutes by bus.

  • Fares: € 5.00 from midnight to the following midnight.
  • Book online: click here

Parking Fusina

This car park is connected to the centre by “vaporetto” (public water bus transport, one ride costs € 8, return € 13).

  • Fares: € 15,00 per day.
  • Book online: click here

Parking Marive Transport San Giuliano

The Marive Transport in San Giuliano is a very economical option halfway between Mestre and Venice. This car park has access from many lines to the centre (lines 5, 12, 19 and 24). The stop can be easily reached in about 5 minutes on foot.

  • Fares: up to 3 hours: 2.00€, one day internal: 7.00€.
  • How to get to Venice: you can opt for an “all inclusive” formula of parking (7€ per day) + ferry (10€ return) that will allow you to reach the centre of Venice in 20 minutes
  • Book online: click here

Venice where to park for free?

parcheggi gratis a venezia

How not to pay for parking in Venice? Here you can find a list of free parking spaces around Venice.

  • Via Trieste, Marghera (VE) – 9.7km from the centre of Venice
  • Via Altinia, Favaro Veneto (VE) – 11km from the centre of Venice
  • Via Triestina, Favaro Veneto (VE) – 12km from the centre of Venice
  • Via Oriago, Chirignago (VE) – 13km from the centre of Venice
  • Via Borgo Pezzana (VE) – 11km from the centre of Venice
  • Via Ca’ Lin, Trivignano (VE) – 18km from the centre of Venice

It is true that there are free parking options in Mestre and other places in Venice. However, despite the possibility of saving some money, I would rather not recommend this choice.

Venice is an extremely crowded city and there is no guarantee of finding a free parking space, in fact the opposite is more likely. In case you cannot find a free spot, you will end up having to opt for a paid parking space. Moreover, if you had not booked in advance, you might find it full, which could result in a loss of valuable time, as well as costing you more.

Even if you were lucky enough to find a free spot, you should keep in mind that your vehicle would not be under surveillance. Although Venice is not known for widespread vandalism or car theft, you can never be 100 per cent sure of the safety of your vehicle. Opting for paid parking, which offers video surveillance systems and more control, is a more prudent choice.

Considering all this, since parking prices in Venice are more reasonable than in many other tourist cities, it is advisable to opt for paid parking.

My advice is therefore to take the right precautions and book your parking space in advance to ensure that nothing can compromise your experience of discovery in La Serenissima.

An alternative would be to opt for a hotel with free parking in Venice.

Hotels with free parking in Venice

Parking costs can be a significant burden on your holiday budget. Therefore, booking a hotel with free parking and an efficient transfer to Venice could be an advantageous choice.

In this regard, here are some suggestions of hotels that include a parking space in the price of your stay.

Hotel Antico Moro

This typically Venetian-style hotel is located slightly outside the centre of Mestre. Rooms are comfortable and Wi-Fi is free. A bus stop is only 50 metres away, allowing you to reach the centre of Venice in just 20 minutes. The main feature is free parking.

  • Address: Via Castellana 149, 30174 Zelarino, Venice
  • Rates: From €65 for a double room

Park Hotel Ai Pini

This beautiful hotel is set in a quiet location within a park. It offers ample parking, bright and clean rooms and free Wi-Fi. A bus stop is right in front of the hotel and offers a 15-minute connection to Venice.

  • Address: Via Miranese, 176, 30174 Venice VE, Italy
  • Rates: From €65 for a double room

Hotel Villa Barbarich

This elegant 4-star hotel offers a swimming pool, quiet, well-appointed rooms, breakfast included, and is about 30 minutes by bus and train from Venice’s tourist centre. It is ideal for a relaxing stay and offers plenty of free parking spaces.

  • Address: Via Molino Ronchin 1, 30174 Mestre
  • Rates: From €100 for a double room

These hotels not only offer convenient free parking, but also comfortable accommodation and easy connections to the historic centre of Venice.

By choosing one of these options, you can enjoy your visit without worrying about parking and transfers.

Is it better to park in the centre or outside the centre of Venice?

The choice of leaving your car in Venice or in neighbouring areas such as Mestre or Marghera depends on various factors and can have advantages and disadvantages.

Here is an analysis of the pros and cons of parking your vehicle in Venice:

Pros of parking in central Venice:

  • Convenience for short stays: if you plan to stay in Venice for one or two days, parking in the city offers absolute convenience. It will be easier to explore the city on foot or with the vaporetti without having to travel from Mestre or Marghera.
  • Access to the heart of Venice: by parking in Venice, you will be immediately inside the city’s unique atmosphere. You will have immediate access to the main attractions and waterbuses.
  • Convenience for online bookings: By booking your parking online, you’ll save a few euros compared to the prices paid locally.

The cons of parking in the centre of Venice:

  • Cost for longer stays: If you plan to stay in Venice for several days, parking in the city may not be very convenient. In that case, it might be better to book in advance.
  • Limited availability during events: During special events or busy periods, parking spaces may be limited in Venice.
  • Connection alternatives from Mestre or Marghera: Parking spaces in Mestre or Marghera are connected by efficient buses and trains that will allow you to reach Venice comfortably and at a lower cost.

In summary, the decision to park in Venice or the surrounding areas depends on where you arrive, how many days you intend to spend in the city and your preference for convenience or savings.v

How to get around Venice?

OK, you have just parked your car in Venice, now what?

Once you have left your car, you will only use it to leave. The city of Venice is in fact closed to vehicular traffic, and you will necessarily have to move by sea (vaporetto or gondola) or on foot.

Personally, I recommend you buy an ACTV season ticket, which will allow you to use the waterbuses without limit. Instead of spending €7.50 per ride, you will be able to use all public transport for about €20 a day.

Vaporetto Pass: Ticket for public transport in Venice (ACTV)

Explore the Floating City without stress by accessing all public transport in Venice with just one card. Choose the pass that is most convenient for you, with options ranging from 75 minutes to as many as 7 days.

With this pass all you have to do is validate your ticket when you board the vaporetto.

Frequently asked questions

Where to park in Venice and spend cheaply?

The car park with the best value for money is in my opinion the Marive Transport in San Giuliano, which offers the possibility to leave your car at the price of €7 per day + €10 return transport by ferry. This is a great option if you want to stay in Venice for several days. For a single day, I recommend instead to leave your car at the Tronchetto Island or at the Garage San Marco, which are just outside the city centre.

Is it better to park at Tronchetto or in Piazzale Roma?

Choosing between Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto Island depends on the length of your stay and convenience. Booking parking near Piazzale Roma is convenient if your stay in Venice does not exceed 2 or 3 days. Parking on Tronchetto Island is instead a better option for longer stays during a trip to the surrounding area of Northern Italy.

Disabled parking Venice: where to park in Venice for disabled people?

Those who wish to reach Venice by car can opt for parking at Piazzale Roma, in the municipal car park. For people with a disabled parking badge, 14 free parking spaces are available for the first 12 hours. This is an initiative aimed at providing an accessible solution for those who need specific support during their stay in Venice.

Venice by car or train?

Personally, I recommend you reach Venice by train. Given the restriction on car use in the historic centre, the train option offers numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why you should choose the train to reach Venice:
You avoid parking problems: the ban on cars in the historic centre makes parking in Venice a difficult and expensive task. By using the train, you can avoid these problems and save both time and money.
Direct access to the centre: the Venezia Santa Lucia train station is located on the outskirts of the city, so you will be within walking distance of Venice’s attractions and wonders.
Sustainable mobility: once in Venice, you can comfortably move around on foot or use the vaporetti and ferries to move between the islands. These means of transport make exploring Venice an authentic and stress-free experience.
Convenience and frequency: trains to Venice are usually frequent, offering flexibility in travel times. In addition, train connections to and from other Italian cities are well developed, allowing you to explore different destinations in the country.
In essence, travelling by train to Venice is a smart and sustainable option that allows you to fully enjoy the city’s unique beauty and atmosphere without worrying about traffic and parking.

How to get to Venice by train?

The Venezia Santa Lucia train station is Venice’s main railway station. Its central location makes travelling to other Italian cities, such as Rome or Florence, extremely convenient. The station is located close to the historic centre of Venice, making it an ideal base for travelling and exploring various destinations within Italy. Thanks to its connection to the national railway system, the Santa Lucia station is an important departure and arrival point for travellers wishing to explore the country.


Here we are at the end of this long post on where to park your car in Venice, where we talked about the best free and paid parking spaces, how to get there by car and train and how to get around Venice.

Consider all these factors to make the best choice for your needs.

If you have any doubts or questions, or if you have already had experiences with parking in Venice or Mestre, please share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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