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We’ve been telling the story of the Doge’s Palace since 2023 by sharing guides, articles and photos of one of the wonders of Italy’s artistic heritage.

We created dogespalacevenice.com because we want to help people travel more and travel better.

We think that sharing our guides, tips and perspectives on the Doge’s Palace can help make some travellers’ experience better and increase awareness that the Palace is a magnificent attraction worth exploring.

We want travellers (like you who are reading this right now) to use what we write and what we photograph as a real handbook to create their own memories and adventures in Venice.

Since it went online in 2023 from our small home studio, the site has become one of the most important resources of the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

We would like to emphasize that Dogespalacevenice.com is not the official site of the Palace, but a portal created by two simple enthusiasts, which is now read by over tens of thousands of people every month.

Different people, with different budgets, dreams and priorities, travelling from different parts of Italy with a single destination: Venice.

Dogespalacevenice.com is not the official site of the Doge’s Palace

This is our corner of Venice: dogespalacevenice.com. Here you won’t find business tips or sponsored attractions. Everything we share is the result of our personal adventures in the heart of the Palace we love so much.

We are here to share with you, our visitor, the love we have for Venice. We don’t just want to tell you what to do or where to go, we want to take you with us on this journey of discovery.

Venice is our muse, the source of our inspirations. And we want to take you into the heart of its streets, its flavours and colours. Dogespalacevenice.com is an invitation to experience Venice with new eyes, with the curiosity of a traveller and the awareness of a culture lover. Whether your journey is short or long, with family or friends, we will accompany you with true stories and genuine insights to make every moment unforgettable.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We hope our words can add a special touch to your experience in Venice. See you within the pages of our website, where passion and authenticity are at home.

doge's palace and st marks basilica in venice

The people behind the Doge’s Palace Venice

Palazzo Ducale began as a project between friends, with the aim of helping visitors discover the best of the Palazzo. Today it has become one of the most important resources of tourism in Venice. But who are the people behind the project?

paolo sanetti

Paolo Sanetti

Born and raised in Genoa, I work as a software engineer in the field of transport driven by my passion for new technologies. However, in addition to my rational and methodical side, I like to challenge myself and think creatively and outside the box: I play the drums in a band and love to travel, both in Italy and abroad, to discover new places and broaden my views. I manage the Doge’s Palace Venice website and I also write articles, a mix of accurate research and personal travel experiences.

andrea semonella

Andrea Semonella

In the vast universe of art and culture, I define myself as a passionate traveller with a soul that finds refuge in the enchanting Venice. Despite my adventures across continents and cultures, it is here that my heart beats with the most intensity. Palazzo Ducale Venezia is the vehicle through which I share the priceless riches of the Palace’s traditions, people and well-kept secrets. Gifted with a mind immersed in the digital universe, I find every facet of the internet and web marketing fascinating. My days are spent in front of the computer, where I shape SEO strategies for Dogespalacevenice.com. Through the site and my ongoing commitment, together we can paint an unforgettable portrait of the Doge’s Palace for all those who wish to explore its rooms, secrets and hidden treasures.

marta bianchi

Marta Bianchi

While my hometown is Genoa, I have embraced Venice with all my heart, finding in this city an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Ever since I was a child, I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world, but there is something magical about Venice that has captured my spirit and has yet to give me a valid reason not to love it. On the rare occasions when I manage to carve out some free time, I love to experiment in the kitchen, especially with baking. I am a web designer and developer, and I had the honour of creating the look of Dogespalacevenice.com from its very first version to what it is today. Combining my passion for technology with my love for the floating city, I have tried to convey the beauty of Venice through the design and user experience of this website.

paolo cambiaso

Paolo Cambiaso

Genoese by birth and European by adoption, I work as a foreign language teacher in school. My university education was dedicated to the field of Translation and Interpreting, thanks to which I also had the privilege to study abroad, at the University of Liege (Belgium) and the University of Freiburg (Germany). As a freelance translator, I have had the honor of returning with my heart and mind to Venice, a city I have visited several times and to which I gladly return as if it were a second home. In love with art and how it blends with history, translating articles from the Doge’s Palace in Venice could only be an exciting challenge for me.

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